diy amazing antioxidant mask with honey, turmeric and pearl powder

hello lovely ones !! i been so busy with school lately that i have barely any time left to post anything , i been receiving lots of emails from you guys about skin care concerns and i promise i will answer them all this week , i already started hehe , i want to thank you all for your support and as a gift give you the "recipe" for this amazing mask
here's my other version of this mask 

as you all know i worship turmeric for its amazing qualities and the results it gives to my skin , now to this we are adding pearl powder , honey and milk 
(click on each one to see their skin benefits )
so first at all , you will need these ingredients , and i think the most difficult to find will be the pearl powder , i bought mine from  this website and is been out of stock ever since , now my advise is do some local research , ask your chinese friends ( seeing as is very famous among them and the use it for other purposes like a cooking additive or something ) go to your markets and if you cannot find it , then buy it online just make sure it seems legit and not a scam , and talk to the seller and ask him/her about the ingredients of the pearl powder itself , i would recommend ebay

turmeric, you can find it on almost any store , on the spice/condiment isle , and honey as well
and the last two things you need are an old foundation brush and a little container to mix it all together and add the milk for liquid consistency

spread it around your face , and i would recommend you do it with a foundation brush , because is easier and the coverage is better than if you use your fingers plus is cleaner

now as i always say turmeric will STAIN everything so be prepared , add some lemon after rinsing your face if you need to go out and don't want to look "yellow"

this mask is amazing , it has it all : anti aging , wrinkle care, whitening , helps with acne , inflammation and scaring is just the perfect treat for the skin after a long day

hope you all like it
let me know if it worked for ya

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