DIY turmeric and yogurt mask

so i been hooked on Turmeric for while now , i just love the effect this spice has had on my skin , turmeric is also called curcuma in many asian countries and also in spanish speaking countries and it has amazing properties , in HERE you can read how awesome this thing can be for your skin
Yogurt also has really good properties for both the skin and our bodies and it makes the mask smoother , but if you don't have yogurt you can add lemon,natural oils,milk or water 

what you will need 
white natural yogurt ( organic if possible)

you will also need a small container and two spoons , one teaspoon for the turmeric and a tablespoon for the yogurt , and the reason why i say two spoons is because you will use these to measure the right amount of each ingredient 

add yogurt first 
then add turmeric , i always use about half a teaspoon 
then mix all up until you get a paste consistency 
your face should look creepy like this lol ^_^
i always like to wait like an hour before removing this mask , the least you should wait before taking it off would be from 20-30 minutes , it would make your face smooth , firm and shrink your pores,whiten uneven skin tone , if you have any breakouts it can help reduce inflammation and make them less noticeable 

One thing to keep in mind 
turmeric will leave a yellowish stain on the skin/clothes so i recommend you use and old shirt and to do this mask at night before going to sleep or something , i wash my face 3 or 4 times and the stains come right off , but usually i don't mind because i go to sleep after removing it 
if you want to see good effects, like whitening i recommend doing this mask 4 or 5 times a week , more if you can 
i always eat some yogurt while i wait for the mask to be ready , yummms 

hope you will love this mask as much as i do 

toodles ^3^

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dekahepiselalu MAS said...

I like this recipe too. First, I had experience with yogurt in single use on my face and body. My skin became smooth and bright. Then, I found that turmeric powder is good to get glowing skin and heal acne. It's good news, isn't it? So, I've tried combining yogurt and turmeric. Ooohhhhh, it's awesome! I get what I want. Love it so much! Happy to find you here, beautiful!

stephen ashley said...

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