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Hellouuu there ,

so I been slacking I know life has been a little bit chaotic and is been really hard to keep my eating habits in check and my dollars in my pocket.

I thought this post would be helpful for those of you who struggle with both portion control and wanting to raid the fridge every 5 minutes and also with saving money.

I have a very sedentary job ( office 8-5 pm type )

I crave a lot of crunchy foods

so I always keep snacks available ,  first off we want to snack every 3 hours to keep our insulin at a stable level ( those with PCOS , like me, and diabetes ) and to help our metabolism ( more info here )

I thought that nuts would the trick ...but they really didn't work for me , I don't have the will power to eat just 1/4 cup of peanuts or almonds and feel satisfied plus they are freaking expensive.

so I walked around my local Kroger ( it can be walmart ) and looked for superfoods aka veggies that I could buy for a week and keep in the break room fridge

sometimes I get bored of snacking without any dressing so I will post the recipes for each dip I usually pair them with.

total comes for around $10/week sometimes even less if I get them at my local farmers market


not a lot of people are a fan of these babies , but if you give them a chance I promise they wont disappoint you. Make sure to clean them with water and vinegar, I usually just cut the ends and store them in a Ziploc bag .
( pair with hummus, greek yogurt dressing or spicy red pepper dip )

Calories : around 20 per cup !!! ( unlimited munching on nom nom !!! )
Price:  $1.49 at Kroger


These are packed with vitamins , crunchy, and you can also grilled them ( no oil ) for extra softness and smoky flavor
Calories : according to this website around 29 calories when sliced/cup

Price : it varies , sometimes you can get them on sale at Kroger 3 for $3.00 these are usually on the expensive side .


I think hands down this is my favorite vegetable , is so light and it goes with everything , it doesn't make me sick or hungry, and it keeps me hydrated , PLUS I can always use them on my dark circles hehehe

Calories : 1 cucumber of around 8" is 47 calories ( I ate like 3 of these daily lol )

goes well with greek yogurt dip or some tajin

Price : 0.69 cents each at Kroger


I usually buy mine organic from walmart ( around 2 bucks )

one pack usually lasts me a week

baby carrots are delish with some hummus , although watch the hummus you get not all of them are necessarily good or low in calories


Plusssss you can make carrot chips !!!


You can find my post about the natural dipping sauces I use right HERE

Please let me know what you think , and if you have any tips

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