cosline tomato fresh pack mask review

got this as a birthday gift and i gotta say the main reason why i bought it is because I've read great reviews about it , so like i always i figure i should try it
it was bought at and i think is where you can find it the cheapest , unless you live in  Asia
the package is really cute and it looks like something you would eat (DON'T LOL ) but it didn't come with a spatula and that means that you gotta use your fingers to get the product and this is not sanitary , i recommend to get small ice cream spoons and have them stored for when you receive products like this 

it says it contains lycophene and that's all i got from it but if you look on the sasa website it gives you some info that it might be useful if you don't read korean :
COSLINE Tomato Fresh Pack contains various extract of plant and extract of tomato (1700mg), which can deeply cleansing pore, cleansing dead cell, smaller pores and whitening skin. Claming sensitive acne skin and increase skin elasticity. Increasing brightness and smoothen after use. Especially suitable for acne skin.

the texture is really light and it feels more like a face pack than a mask , it smells really good but i don't see why people like it so much , after i applied this mask the only result i saw was my skin looked softer and my pores looked smaller but the brightening effect was temporary , so i really don't know what to say about this mask i don't like it 

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