my scheming green tea and barley whitening mask review

i got this as a sample and i been wanting to try this brand for such a long time , i mean they are made by my beauty diary so what else can you ask for ? 
if you have no idea what these brands are , or don't know much about them ill tell you they are sheet mask that have really good quality and target a lot of different skin problems here is their webiste 

love the packaging , really good quality and easy to open 
my tip before you open any mask 
squeeze all the liquid from top to bottom as when you open them can cause the liquid to spill 

i like that they include the ingredients in english <3 

a decent amount of product inside 
what i think about this mask 
it smells really clean , like herbs , and the sheet mask has a really soft texture , i'm sure that using it more often i would see great results , after i removed it my skin look smooth and the redness of my acne wen't down so i think this mask works really good , the only reason why i rate this 4/5 is because it contains methylparaben on it , i mean they have other masks that don't have parabens on it , so i think they could do better than that ..

excuse my creepy face 
you can get these masks at, which i think has the more decent prices on them and often offer sales 


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