kokubo piggy bath salt germanium review

by now you all know how much i love kokubo and their bath salts , i mean such great quality and wonderful scent 
i swear most of the products i buy from Japan are just because the packaging is too cute , hahaha silly me 
this salt is supposed to make you sweat and make you loose 20 pounds in two days (jk jk ) kidding , no product will make you sweat pounds , the healthiest and better way to do it is by doing exercise and dieting (ive lost 30 pounds so far ) but is still a fun product to try 

it smells really good , floral like, my skin felt renewed and soft and i did sweat but i don't know if it was the hot water or this hehehe 
overall is a good product and plus look how cute  the bathtub looks 
yes that is one of my legs , and no i'm not that dark is the lightning and no i wasn't naked yet hahaha 

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