epielle citrus cleansing tissues review

i bought these for like $3.00 dollars at the local korean store , and IMO is a little bit too expensive for only 30 towels/tissues but the quality is amaziiiing so it was worth it , i think ill come back for more soon

i never tried cleansing tissues before , but i was getting too lazy to remove my makeup when i got home from work/school so this is a must for me now , you know when you feel really exhausted and you don't really wan't to remove your makeup etc ? then this is for you ( sounds like a tv commercial ) now i recommend that is always better to remove your make up and make sure your face is clean because your pores can get clogged and that leads to awful breakouts so this i recommend this only if you feel extremely lazy hahaha

these are supposed to have vitamin C , and they smell really citrusy so i guess it does ^_^ 

they remove my makeup very good and the eye makeup goes off ( yes including mascara ) right away so this is a holy grail for me hahaha i love these tissues !! 

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