snow fungus diy serum

OMG !!!! i been using this serum for a month and my skin has literally become a new skin , queenie chan is so amazing , if you don't know who she is well you need to watch her channel , she is this amazing girl from China and she speaks mandarin on her videos , BUT she does put the English subtitles so us mere mortals can understand and learn from her beauty secrets lol
now here is the video

and here is my version
snow fungus has been known to be very good for the skin , and i know that in China is used in desserts , i don't really like eating because it needs to be cooked and don't really like the smell BUT it feels amazing on the skin

if you live in the USA or NOT in ASIA this might be a little bit challenging to find , but fear not , because most of the Asian supermarket will have it , you just need to print a picture of it and take it with you , or just ask any of you Chinese friends and they might be able to help you find it , i found mine at a Vietnamese supermarket

this is how mine looked
when you first open the package a rancid smell will take you back , is not bad it smells like vinegar or something but after a bit you get used to it 
take one of the "flowers" and put it in a pot with water , clean it very well
make sure there's not any dirt on it
after is soft and clean get clean water on the pot , and then proceed to trim the borders of the "flower" 
for the serum only the white part is gonna be used , the hard yellow part can be used as a sponge for scrubbing your face , i keep it in a container for up to a week and scrub my face with it every single day and my skin feels squeaky clean ^_^
cook the white petals or leaves or whatever they are called hehe for one hour , i used medium heat and the final product should look like this 
the water is going to have this gel like consistency and that's when it should be ready
get a clean crystal container , it can also be plastic just make sure is sterilized 
and voila ! pour the liquid in your container , put it in the freezer for a bit and is ready to use , i store mine for up to two weeks use it every night with a clean cotton mask it leaves my skin refreshed and moisturized , i love this serum <3 

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