lancome bi facil make up remover review

this is one of the best make up removers out there , most of the beauty "gurus" on youtube rave about it , and the reason why is because it has two layers , when you invest in a make up remover is best to find the two layer one because it contains some kind of oil ( im not sure what's the name ) and it helps remove your make up really fast

i got two samples as a gift from my mom
now the prices for this product vary , but it is really worth it , as soon as i finish with these two bottles i am going to buy me a big one , i <3 this !!! you can see in the top picture that the left one has been shaken and the other has the two layers, before using it its recommended to shake it first

 it removed all the swatches from an eye palette i was trying on , with only one try so is pretty effective , i totally recommend this 

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