SUNSILK black shine seaweed shampoo review

hello people !!! heheh , i know is been a while , blame it on school  :) but i got a lot of products to review and my face has finally cleared up , new diy facial masks coming so stay tuned ;)
i bought this shampoo on my local thai store , and the number one reason why i bought it is because back in the motherland i used to use SUNSILK and i loved it

i been using this shampoo for two months now , and i got mixed feelings about it , my hair is very oily so i got to look for shampoos that are not on the greasy side , and this one makes my hair very greasy :(

but i love the smell, the consistency,and the ingredients make my hair silky and smooth
they have this shampoo for red,blonde and brown hair i believe , and i think if you look on ebay or some other asian store you might find it around $6.00 or so
it smells amazing . I would recommend this shampoo ONLY if you have dry scalp or if you are not on the greasy/oily side , i'm sure it will do great things to your hair :)


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