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so i first heard about this cream or "treatment" on this video 

  i read a lot of positive reviews about it , so i decided to give it a try , i bought it at YESSTYLE and the reason why , is because in all the other websites the prices are cheaper but when you put together the shipping and everything is more expensive and less reliable 

what it claims to do : 
A lightweight and non-greasy night cream that steeps skin in advanced VAO-B3 Complex to give skin a flawless and radiant look in as little as 7 days. The nourishing and hydrating formula rejuvenates skin by repairing daily skin damage and fading away dark spots and uneven skin tone to reveal a fairer and more radiant complexion in the morning. By Pond’s.

my experience: this is an excellent cream , and it smells really good and clean , very lightweight and my skin absorb it right away 

it doesn't come with a spoon or spatula so i had to get one of my own , remember to never use your fingers as they can leave bacteria on the container :(

i used it for two weeks and i saw an instant glow in my face it felt really smooth , and bright 
but after that it started giving me break outs , like smalls little pimples , i decided to give it a try two weeks ago and the same thing happened 
this is intended to use at night , and i would suggest using it either alone ( to see if it works for you ) or at the end of your skin care routine

this cream is made for people with dry skin because it tends to be on the oily side and as you all know oily creams are not good for acne prone skin so those who have this type of skin please refrain from using this cream 

overall is a very good cream , and i did see whitening effect , unfortunately it was not made for my type of skin 


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