Nivea DEODORANT Whitening Roll-on review

this is from my sasa haul , i still haven't used much of it because lack of time :) 
i been wanting a whitening deodorant for my ugly armpits ...well i mean who doesn't want their armpits to look nice when you are wearing a tank top and suddenly raise your arms and there's it is : Tarzan's jungle 

mine are not like that lolz but still we as women should take care of every single part of our body and i know in some countries is ok not to shave , but i still have to hehe anyways here's the review 

this is the link to sasa and believe me i'm not sponsored by them in anyway , i wish i was tho :) but i think they have the best prices online wise 
what they promise:
"Whitens and cares with Licorice Extract, a natural ingredient which reduces skin darkening. With 24 hours day long. Its well-balanced formula contains no alcohol or preservatives and is the optimal combination of NIVEA's mild care and reliable antiperspirant protection. Its skin tolerance is dermatological proven. "

looking at the ingredients they look really really promising and indeed they are 
i been using this for a month and i can see a difference , i mean is not like a hugeee difference , but i can see my armpit looking more clean,and bright i guess you can say , it smells really nice and i love the roll-on idea , i like it better than the stick , the texture is very liquid and it looks like milk to me hehe 

the smell , i don't know what it smells like , herbal and clean , so overall is a very good product 
plus the packaging is super cute 

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