The Face Shop Blackhead EX Nose Clay Mask review

hello my beauties , here i am with yet another positive review :)

the face shop=korean brand=love it
i been wanting something powerful that can exfoliate the guts out of my nose, we all have these annoying little bumps,blackheads, funky stuff , our nose , some have more , some have less but i think we all do
I've tried exfoliating with scrub,squeezing,steam towel , you name it , and so far the only thing that worked for me has been this clay
instructions in korean 

where to get : sasa,ebay or amazon , just google it ;)
i bought mine from this seller on ebay , is the cheapest one i found on the internetz and he sells authentic stuff
there is also this store , but it has lower rating so idk is up to you , also i think sasa has it in stock

i thought the container was bigger , but is my fault because i almost never read the details , i just buy >.>
tsk tsk tsk i need to learn from my own mistakes , thankfully this was a win win
13 cm long 

the consistency is sticky, very sticky and it smells pleasant , but is an unknown scent to me , is not floral or perfume like , but is ok and is doesn't stink

it is designed to remove blackheads and it contains mulberry , coix seeds and black rice extract ,all these ingredients have antioxidants which are really good for you
PLEASE keep in mind that you need to wash your hands and apply two layers of it , otherwise it wont work , apply the first layer then wait 3-4 minutes and apply the other layer , then wait from 10-15 minutes

when you feel that is dry , pull it from the bottom of your nose upwards so i can remove the blackheads , and voila , it should be clean , or at least it removes most of them

here is a pic of the clay when i peeled it off  , pretty gross right ?

it doesn't hurt, but it tickles my nose when i peel it , and then it gives me this adrenaline rush and i want to do it over and over again , hahaha, but nah is supposed to be once a month , i do it once every two weeks

so yeah this is a product you must try if your looking to get rid of those nasty blackheads
oh and btw i got me this bracelet , cute right ??

toodles :)

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susan said...

i bought this off ebay too but i tried three times applying thickly but it doesnt seem to work :(

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