second part of my skin whitening series

every time is sunny i use my umbrella to protect myself from the sun ...and people look at me like i'm crazy"

why do "y'all want to whiten your skin"? it was the question i got the other day from someone at work ... apparently when people ask me the secret to my flawless skin ( Not really so flawless) they get surprised to know that i using brightening/lightening products and that i am an Asian skin care products maniac they  always act surprised. 

have any of you gals out there gotten that question asked before ? 

well in this post i plan to dig deep into the reason why i do it  and why "western" people  and some Europeans find it "ridiculous" i tell you  i could say the same about tanning and i got actually proof that it is awful for the skin 

back when i was living in the motherland ( Cuba) we didn't get a lot of sun protection , first because the sun is freaking burning and hot and because we cannot afford sunscreen , so that's why we are so tanned, it is not because we want to , i can assure you that, my grandma knew home made remedies to make the skin appear brighter , like water rice , lemon , papaya etc ...and she was always telling me to use long sleeves shirts and an umbrella , but i rarely listened lol , i guess because Cuba is a big melting pot and we have some Asian heritage from china the idea of skin brightening caught  on 

This this link explains everything about why in Asia skin brightening is so desirable from a western perspective  but what i want to explain is why having that perfect porcelain skin , spot free, no hyper pigmentation and no breakouts have been an obsession of mine for a couple of years now 

it makes kind of mad how ignorant people in here can be to think that we want to be "Caucasian" , apparently us Cubans that have a pale complexion are not "white"  ...we are Hispanics ....wouldn't that make "Americans" that are "white" English ? mm-mm but anyways this is getting somewhere else ...
also if you compare women in Japan or Korea (just saying the most famous countries that have brightening skincare products)  with women in Europe or America you will notice that the Asians ones have a wrinkle free face and look very young and well conserved , this is due to the skin care but also the way they eat ( the food topic is for another post ) 

the reason why i find brightening to be so beautiful is the fact that it makes you look younger,and it makes you take care of your skin more than if you go every single day in the sun and roast yourself like a turkey ....i'm sorry but i find that to be stupid and dumb. 
I think skin brightening is not about looking "whiter" you can be black , but still wanting to have a glow in your skin , then you would start a skin brightening regimen 

when i first started to take care of my skin , i was actually looking to "whiten" certain spots of my skin because of really bad acne scars , but after i achieved what i wanted i moved into the brightening regimen and so far so good , a pale skin full of glow and rosy cheeks is something beautiful , an orange like face with lots of wrinkles that makes you look like a witch  is not ...

anyways remember that if you decide to star a skin brightening regimen you got to be careful of the products and choose well known brands,please do not get discouraged if you live in a country where tanning is the new "sexy" thing and they look at you weird ( trust me i know of this ) do research and be patient , there's not 1 week results and you will have to spend some money , but at the end is all gonna be worth it 

and remember sunscreen is your best ally 

please let me know about your experiences with this topic 

bai bai 
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