POP popular facial cream review

bought this at my local Vietnamese store ...BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER !!! 

again , i go on and off in here about looking up reviews before buying stuff and what do i do ? i go on a shopping spree and buy stuff that i can't even read lol .

if you bought this cream and you haven't applied yet , well good for you , throw it away right now and if you already did the big mistake of applying it all over your face , go right now and clean your face and throw that crap away 

i read amazing reviews of this Thai cream online on how it clears up your face in one week ...i don't know what to say , first at all this has mercury , YES THE MERCURY ....1% ....i will not risk my health because of some bogus claims ..
you can read all about it here 
anyways the cream looks like butter, and when you apply it it gives the feeling that your applying butter on a toast , except is on your face, it has a flower scent and that's the only good thing about it

i realized too late how bad it was ( like 2 hrs after i applied it ) and i read that it had mercury so i removed it from my face and threw it away >.>

next day i woke up to find out that my face was full of cystic acne ...and pimples 

and of course it doesn't say that it contains mercury on the ingredients 

please do not buy or apply in your face , seriously girls i warn you ...biggest mistake ever :(

anyways ill post some positive reviews as soon as my face clears out 


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Anonymous said...

Hi, Thank you for your review. I was wondering how you knew that POP contained mercury as I did not see it on the box. It would suck if it did because I don't break out with acne often, but when I do it is bad and it stays on my face for months. POP is the only thing that removes it in 2 days. So, I don't use it often, but I would be heart-broken to hear that it had mercury in it :(

Anonymous said...

It is a lie.pop does not have mercury and I have used it for it for years

Dulce Esdese said...

Hi, first I would like to say sorry that u had bad experience about it.

I have been using Pop Popular Facial Cream,too. I have to say that it works very well. I don't know if it whitens my skin or not but it helps my skin very smooth and bright/or fresh.I use ONLY it x 2 daily with the Pop vanishing cream.

I also read some reviews and even warning that this product has mercury on it (and I think I don't need to say much about mercury).

However, I figured out there are 3 different types of this product. They all look exactly the same. But the only different is one written in English, one in Thailand, and other one in "Chinese" (as yours). I used the English one first (because this one is more common and I didn't know there were something on the word look same like that),and it worked perfect, I also didn't see that it contained mercury in the ingredient. I have been used the English long time until now, I changed to the Thailand "version" which also not contain mercury (at least it showed on the box so), and it works just the same with the English or even better (for me). Last but not least, I haven't tried the Chinese yet because I have never seen someone sell it but my mom did. She lives in Vietnam (I am in US), I told her about Pop cream after she and her co-workers said why my skin looks so beautiful, healthy while I don't sleep much and often works with computer. Then she saw the Pop cream on a store when she got to work outside. The one she bought was the same yours and the her experience was the same to u, too. And actually, although they look quite similar, the cream of the English and Thai seems like lighter (in color) and a lot moister than the Chinese one (as I think after seeing ur pics).

So, I dont know, I agree that maybe Pop cream has mercury on it, but I also can't deny that there are more than one "version" of Pop cream. I still research about it. I am wondering what the real different between them and where exactly they from. But again, sorry for ur bad experience and thanks for the review

cristal aquino said...

hello there i will share my side, cause ive been using a pop cream more than a year and its really works for me,, before i had a lot of pimple in my face then after a weeks my pimple its gone and my face is really smooth even if you used it just one night after u wake up it works just touch ur face and u can feel how smooth ur face is,, too bad to hear from you that ita never works for you,, but just try to use it for a weeks cuz sometime it happen that if ur firts time to put a pop sometime pimple comes out.. like when you go to facial, ur pimples comes out cuz maybe the bacteria effect to your skin and sooner the pop cream realy worka good to your face,, and sometimes you need to check the expiration cuz maybe the one that u try is already expire, iam a pop user so i will defend it,,

Anonymous said...


I BEG to disagree!Sad to hear it from you but i guess it varies how your skin react on the cream. I'm a pop user for almost a year and kept on searching about this product.As you can see in the pamphlet "it does not contain mercury". I can confidently say that my skin glows like a pearl and brightens up my day as many people praises for such improvement that i got upon consuming the entire product.

Yves Osur said...

Does it whiten skin? So i can put it straight on my spots? I have many blackheads that really annoy me

Anonymous said...

PLEASE do not use this product it has mercury for sure just google FDA list of banned asian whitening cream to the United States and one of the creams mentioned is POP facial cream.Please,please,please stop using this product it might clear up your skin and do its job but it is not worth the long term effects that it will have on your health.Mercury causes nervous system and kidney damage (its not worth it). What you can do is try to contact the company and ask them if they can stop using mercury in their products because it is not good for your health and the environment.

Anonymous said...

Fish has more mercury in it, does that mean people should stop eating it? Anything could be toxic in excess.

Cindy Dy said...

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Jassy said...

Hi, I've been using pop facial cream also. Well for me, it works. Nothing bad happens tho. Maybe the facial creme works in different skin types. Maybe your skin type is way more more sensitive that ours. Well, for a year using this creme, i became whiter and smooth face. Even tho sometimes, 1 or 2 pimples will popped up. But of course that's normal because everybody needs to have a pimple once in a while or maybe just because im still in teen ages. Well, for me. If you want to try some cremes, why don't you try it? Nothing will help you if you read a blog like this. Maybe your skin type is not that sensitive right? Go ahead try it.

Elvis Almight said...

Which of the POP will i buy for my chocolate skin ? The spot on my face is getting out of hand. Pls guys help me.

Mr. Robin said...

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khadija model said...

Hi same to me cos i've been using dis cream for d past 5years nd it works on me perfectly,but what scares me is dat anytym i attemp to change anoda cream(product) it would not work on me rather i end up having rashes nd pimples ol ava my face.i wanted to change cream nd i couldn't.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I used this cream and it was perfect for my skin. I used it for 10 years! Then i stop usingbit after i heard abt the mercury things. Now i dont use any cream on my face. My face gets darker and i have to use a lot of make up to make it brighter. I really miss to use pop. But i am afraid of the mercury threat.i really hope i can have any professional view about the cream so i can use it back without any hesitation.. ��

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Pop is the best facial cream ever, I have been using it for years now, it clears pimples overnight am a witness to that, it keeps my face shining and smooth even without make over but one thing we should all know is that skin differs, what worked for plan A might not work for plan B... POP is bae and I love it

Unknown said...

You are right, before I was suffering from acne breakout until my sister gave me the pop facial cream and It work for my face it lessen my pimples and before I know all my pimples was goon, I don't usually rub it all over my face I only apply to the bad area

SarahDoll said...

Its good on me too over the years and my complexion maintained its smoothness. In fact, my mom has been using this too and it improve her complexion. No joke. #truth

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