Finally ! is here , the long waited review of the whitening products that Missha has to offer 
before buying these products i looked up reviews and i couldn't find nothing so this made me want it even more
where to get:
their website www.misshaus.net or ebay 

price : 
can vary , i always advise to check the prices first, but i always buy my products directly from the seller's website, luckily for me they had a 50% off all white cure products on Missha's website for a week so i bought  these babies , i was gonna get the whole set , but ....money is hard these days :( 
here it is 

this is my favorite product from the whole range , its is amazing , its also the most expensive but it comes with 3 white patch samples as well as the lotion and the toner , in a small container 
this is the product that does it , even if you have the serum only and then apply this , or apply it alone , i think hands down , seriously you guys this thing has done wonders in my non so ugly anymore face 
the texture is creamy and it absorbs easily 
the container comes with a small pump for easy and clean use

been using it for about a month , all my freckles , acne spots have almost disappeared , i use it in my night routine , because i don't want it to waste in any way , of course i use it with the serum and lotion , but i was using the serum before and i didn't see as much difference until i started using this , my face has a beautiful glow and it feels smooth and the smells is just delicious is a light gardenia scent , the box that it came in is also cute and the little patches ...well it took me a while to figure them out but your supposed to apply them to the spots you want to fade and then put this thing and rub it until the patch dissolves onto your skin 
i do recommend this :)

like i said when i received the product above it came with small sample of this toner so i was able to try it , in my opinion it is not essential to get it if you want to achieve whitening results, it does work , but so does other whitening toners , so is ok , but i wouldn't buy it 

this is one of my favorites as well, i got the small sample and i'm already out of it :( , it has that gardenia scent and it leaves your skin very hydrated and it does has whitening effects because ive been using it on my elbows and now they feel smooth and they have lightened 

this is the first product i got , i was using it alone and i did see brightening and smoothness immediately , but when i started using together with the science blanc they worked so perfectly like tea with cookies ...okay maybe not like that , but like peanut butter and jelly ...well okay you get it 
it is good , and it smells nice 


so , i recommend the science blanc and the serum and if you have some spare change get the lotion , i saw brightening,whitening,smoothness and just a glow in my skin within the 3 weeks of using these products 

until next review 


pics from missha's website , no copyright infringement intended 

11 comentarios:

Michelle said...

is the change in skin tone really obvious? because i dont want to suddenly get really pale on my face. and should you apply this on your neck as well? because i also dont want to have my face a different shade to my neck!

Michelle said...

also, what was the differences that you saw when you were just using the serum and when you started using the science blanc? because i may just get the serum but i still want results.

Amelia said...

michelle : no the only change in the skin you would see really obvious is that it makes your skin really dewy and moisturized , this is the thing i like about the white care range it doesn't whiten like a ghost, it makes it smooth and soft like porcelain :) i use it as well on my neck,if you want to only get one i would advise the science blanc, is the best one at least it has worked the best for me :)

Michelle said...

ok thanks so much. does it help with pimples?

Amelia said...

well i haven't had any break outs due to it , and it actually faded and smoothed out some of my scars , so im guessing in a way it did :) if i were you i would wait until they had some kind of sale going on , because otherwise the science blanc would be kind of expensive :S

Ambar said...

First off, let me say that I just discovered your blog and I love it!.

I am also Hispanic (Dominican to be exact) and most of my friends think I am dead crazy because I am obsessed with Asian skin care products.

Anyways, thank you for your review because I was wondering if this product really worked. I will be trying out this product and looking forward to more reviews for great skin products.

Amelia said...

hey ambar thank you so much is good to see a fellow latina girl that has the same obsession as i do , yes this product work wonders for me , i'm always looking for new products and i try to review them in here when i have the time so if you have any questions let me know and i will be glad to help you adiosito ^_^

Paty said...

I just wanted to know the order of the products, do you put first the toner then serum, the lotion and finally the science blanc? I bought them but i'm not really sure about the order ... i'm a latina as well crazy for asian skin care and crazy for all asian i think LOL!

A. Fernandez said...

@paty HAHAHA i know how you feel about all asian things :D me too trust me . so if you have the products it comes with a small manual that tells you the order , but the order i use them are :
science blanc
and i wait 5 to 10 mins between each step :)

Leslie Lim said...

First time I commented in a blog! I really enjoy it. You have an awesome post. Please do more articles like this. I'm gonna come back surely. God bless.


Ika Roslan said...
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