So i been sick with allergies/fever for about 3 days now , and i havn't been able to make a new post ...lots of work etc...anyways my lips been really dry and flaky so i decided to make me this yummylicious scrub

what you will need :
1/4 teaspoon of sugar ( preferably white because is gentle on your lips)
1/4 teaspoon of olive oil , you can make this scrub also with honey
your favorite lip balm ( im using EOS lip balm in lemon )

get a small container and mix the sugar and the oil until it gets in a paste shape , then rub it on your lips and leave it for 5 mins , wash your lips with lukewarm water and apply your favorite lip balm and tadahhh !! easy stuff right ??

my lips felt so smooth and hydrated after this 
sometimes we forget about our lips and others parts of our body , so is good every once in a while to pamper our baby lips 
more reviews coming soon

hope you all have a good weekend 

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