Today I had this crazy idea, I decided to "create" an amazing anti-oxidant super duper mask , and the best thing is the ingredients where laying around and they are so easy to get, you probably won't even have to go to the super market :)

what you will need : 
10 grapes or more depending on  the consistency you like your facial masks to be 
olive oil : just a drizzle will do
2 vitamin C pills 
green tea ( powder will do too , as long as is green tea ) 
rice vinegar or sake 

i call it a super amazing anti oxidant facial mask for the following reasons: 
grapes are packed with anti oxidants, they are amazing or the skin and have exfoliating qualities, vitamin also have anti oxidants and whitening properties, olive oil is another good anti oxidant and pretty good on the skin , green tea , hello ? i mean green tea is the king of anti oxidants lol and sake or rice vinegar has always been known for its quality to heal , sooth , brighten skin  if you want more proof of how good this mask can be look up the ingredients and read for yourself about them :)

brew the green tea and save the water and the bag

in a plastic container mix grapes,vitamin c, get the green tea out of the bag and add the green tea brew and mix it all together , then to make it more of a paste consistency ( that's how i like my facial mask to be ) put it all together in a blender or food processor , add the olive oil and the rice vinegar and pureee pureee pureee

wash your face with cold water and apply your favorite toner ( this is important , because toners help to prep the skin and help absorb products/masks better ) 

apply the mix and let it sit for around 20 mins , so your skin can absorb all that goodness 

wash your face and tadaaaa!!! my skin felt so smooth and refreshed , im gonna be using this mask every single day , i love it and it smell delicious 
let me know what you think of it 

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