BISON bath additives review

looooveeee these things, i always been a sucker for bath salts, and all that sort of things , specially japanese bath salts , they are amazing

i bought mine from
first at all i gotta say, i love all the products this brand has to offer, they have amazing quality and the prices are not bad , if you live in Asia ...but sadly i gotta stick with the internet and they are insane with the prices ..really expensive

the salts

the water :

it makes my skin so clean ,smooth and refreshed , because i bought only two i use only one cup ( i know weird ) but i just get one cup our some of the salt in it fill it with water and make kinda like a juice lol and then fill my bathtub with water and pour all of that together , but if you want to use the whole thing then by all means go ahead and do it 
it smelled like roses to me
i do recommend this 5/5

plus look at the cute little cartoons in  the back 

Mmmmm this one smelled like pure citrus, orange and lime and something else

i absolutely adored it too , but i forgot to take pics of the salt , is dark in color and when you put it in the water as well as the white clay you are going to hear a loud popping sound , but they smelled delicious 
and it has an elvis presley cartoon in the back :)

this one left my skin relaxed, smooth and refreshed too , overall they are very good bath salts, i will repurchase 


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