paul and joe whitening serum review

Paul & Joe are best known for their makeup line , but they also have some awesome whitening products ,their prices can be pretty expensive if you live in the U.S , i think they have a counter in New York but don't take my word for it ;) i bought mine at DERMSTORE because they offer free shipping to the U.S
if you live in Asia or Europe you might be lucky to find a store near you
i wouldn't advise buying on amazon or ebay ...WAY TOO EXPENSIVE

i been using this product for two months , they also have the whitening essence , but i'm not interested on it lol , I've read in  Fuzkittie's blog  that it is pretty good though .

the serum comes in a cute little package and is very neat/fancy looking , but i don't like the way the lid goes with the pump because it leaves part of the pump not covered and it can get dirty :S
other than that the container is pretty nice

it has a very strong orange scent , because is a high vitamin C concentrated serum , so at first it kinda overwhelmed me but then  i got used to it and now i can barely smell it

my experience with this product is hard to explain ...i been using it to alternate with my missha white cure products so i can't say if this serum takes all the credit for the change in my skin
one thing i can say is that it does whiten your skin,and it makes it REALLLY SOFT AND BRIGHT
the texture is soft and liquidy , really liquid.

i guess i was expecting the whitening effect to be faster but c'mon is been two months only , so
i do recommend it to be tried ,but it is kind of expensive on my opinion


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Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'd really like to buy this but it is no longer available at the Dermstore. Do you know if it is out of production though? thanks a lot

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