Missha is always been one of those brands that pop up to my mind when you talk about BB creams , being a Korean brand they have a reputation to maintain and a lot of competition.

BB creams are always what i recommend to use as a base, because they are blemish balms , most of them have SPF,whitening properties,anti wrinkles and healing ingredients , there's one thing you need to know the variety of shades in Asia ( which is where 99% of the BB creams are made ) are very limited so you might want to double check on the shades they have before buying them.

M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ ( # 21,23 and 31)
M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25 PA++ ( #21 )
M Vita BB Cream (Matte) SPF20 PA++ (#21)

these are all travel sizes so the SPF varies

if you live in the U.S you can go to https://www.misshaus.com , or ebay or amazon i recommend you go their website and make yourself an account because they send "secret emails" with amazing discounts,free shipping on orders of $40 dollars or more , coupons etc ...

Missha's bb creams are amazing , they have a very delicate flower scent , and when i say very delicate i mean like not overwhelming but rather clean and nice :) the original package ( not the trial ones ) have the pump dispenser  which is very sanitary and they always include samples with your purchase 

the texture is great and coverage wise they are pretty good :3 

i haven't had any breakouts , it actually helped heal any breakouts i had while wearing it 

the one i use the most is the M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ ( i blend together # 21 and 23 )

if you want me to reviews these creams individually please let me know in the comments below 


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