Likas papaya whitening soap review

this soap is been in my to-buy-list for almost a year now but if you look for it in the internet the prices can be astronomical so i decided to be lazy/cheap and wait .A couple of weeks ago  i went to my local filipino store and got 4 of them ( because the store is kind of far from my house ) the funny thing was that the part where it says whitening in the box it was taped , like if they were hiding the fact that it whitens your skin ?  

where to get :
your local filipino store, amazon or ebay ?

this soap is supposed to help whitening your skin/body , the main ingredient is papaya enzyme , which is one of the fruits that contains whitening properties 
i been using it for about a month and i can already see whitening effect specially on my arms , i been using it on my neck, underarms etc....
at the beginning  it made my skin very dry , but after the first week i guess my skin got used to it ? 
i used lotion after the shower 
the smell , is a very light papaya scent, this soap is supposed to be organic so it doesn't have any harmful chemicals and it lathers up really well 

like all the other whitening products you have to be patient to see results .Overall this is a very good soap 

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